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It's been a crazy few years. Are you feeling like it's time to change things up? Now is the time to bring your highest hopes into your everyday life. As a certified Mindpower Coach™, I will help you to focus on what matters to you, so that your life is in alignment with what brings you peace. As a cancer survivor and single working mom, I'll help you realize you're awesome, and you're doing the best you can with what you know.

Kimber Chin, Mindpower Coach

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Meet Kimber

Hi, I’m Kimber, I can help you get clear on your passion and purpose, let go of the stories that hold you back, and help you to curate a life that you absolutely love. Along the way, I’ll teach you the tricks that make a day seem easy, even when life is throwing craziness into the mix. Twenty years ago, I got the shock of my life, diagnosed with late stage, aggressive cancer in my mid-thirties. I had a full-time corporate leadership role with travel, a baby and a toddler, and a lot to live for. It was a multiple year fight for my life, that I wouldn't change because of all the lessons I've learned. My style is authentic, loving, and direct. I draw upon being a survivor, a mom and my many years as a female leader in tech. I became a coach because being coached helped me to find my joy quickly. Now I'm paying it forward and it's your turn. Are you ready?

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Let’s Work Together


I offer 1:1 and group coaching in person in Northern California and via Zoom. My offices are located in Rocklin, at Sunset and Whitney. I also believe in the power of meeting face to face in a Zoom setting. I look forward to working with you!


After three decades in tech as a senior leader, in a variety functions including M&A, I love helping organizations to move forward in new ways. By asking the right questions, we can surface the wisdom already present within the team.


I love public speaking and can talk at your next group gathering. I cover topics that empower and inspire. We can work together to move teams towards a goal in a workshop format, or I can curate a workshop for a desired outcome.

what they’re saying

Kimber’s level of training and experience puts her in the top 1% of coaching professionals. Her experience as a corporate leader, parent, and cancer survivor makes her relatable to her clients, helping them to get the results they seek, find their joy, and choose to live a meaningful life.

Stéph & Shay Schafeitel

Kimber helped clarify my priorities, which resulted in a much more fulfilling life. When we started 10 years ago I was over worked, stressed, unhappy and did not have clear direction. Today, I know where to focus and how to succeed in balancing my work and personal life. I unequivocally recommend Kimber as a life coach.


Alan Ota

Kimber Chin is a highly talented Reiki Master and coach. I’ve worked with her to achieve person and professional breakthroughs that are life-changing. She has a unique blend of skill, education, intuition and compassion that make her extremely effective. I highly recommend Kimber Chin to anyone who is looking to achieve next level breakthroughs in their life!

Donna Cookson

Kimber Chin is an inspirational and encouraging professional. She has been an impactful high-tech executive for 30+ years and has faced challenges with positivity and optimism. She has shown mental toughness while staying true to her spiritual roots and loving, compassionate perspective. I love that about her!

As someone who thrives through the chapters of my life story, I seek out others with a similar mindset and who are stronger than myself. Kimber is someone who integrates her firm foundation with resiliency, and perseverance, and is always open to understanding others’ perspectives.

Personally, I have found Kimber to have had a significant impact on my approach to living a life of love and valuing the moments that matter — on and off the clock.

Melissa Bowers

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